The Band

Lingering somewhere amidst the rich, soulful roots of traditional Cape Breton music and the grooves of a thousand branches of rock and funk, Colin Grant embarks on his latest project: a dynamic and thoughtful mingling of beats and melodies from an extensive host of musical influences. Far from the awkward malaise of mohawked bag-pipers and kilted punks, the Colin Grant Band has created a kind of Celtic fusion that is as much Steely Dan and Yes as it is Ashley MacIsaac.

Nathan Boone

With a trad trio comprised of the manic Jason ”leaden-left-hand” Roach (piano, Dawn and Margie Beaton) and embarrassingly talented Darren MacMullen (bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, banjo JP Cormier) Grant hooked up with the rough and red-eyed blues/funk rhythm section of Merlin Clarke and Donnie Calabrese (Buck and Kinch, Tom Fun Orchestra). Together, the group produces a fervent yet calculated rhythm that backs an expressively diverse range of tunes, and work has already begun on a CGB album, which threatens a release in early 2011. While the lively sound never strays too distantly from its Celtic roots, the Colin Grant Band has found an open ear in everyone from indie scenesters to blue-haired bingo stampers.

Colin Grant - Fiddle
Jason Roach - Piano
Darren McMullen - Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/Bouzouki
Donnie Calabrese - Bass
Colin Clarke - Drums/Percussion