All the best, boys!

After an awesome 4 years as a member of the Halifax-based band Pogey, it’s time to say goodbye and good luck to Ray, Warren, and Johnny as they forge on down new highways and byways, promoting their new release “Full Speed Ahead”, especially this weekend, as they take on the Colorado Irish Festival. Reflecting back on the many festivals and wonderful folks I’ve had the chance to meet during my time with the band, I would like to say thank you for supporting the band in all shapes and forms, and do continue to follow them on their adventures at ! I sincerely hope to see you all again down the road, if all goes well!

A special shout-out to Pogey’s drummer Zach Smith, who will be with the band until the Fall, and mandolin player Darren McMullen, who will be joining the Colin Grant Band on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bouzouki on their future adventures. Thanks for the tunes, and safe travels.



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10. Jul, 2010

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